Friday, April 1, 2011

Utah Legislature to Address Global Warming

In response to the findings presented in yesterday's Congressional testimony, the Utah Legislature has decided to take immediate steps to address global warming and reduce the State's greenhouse gas emissions.

The legislators said they simply could no longer ignore what nearly every climate scientist and scientific organization has concluded.  The Earth is warming, most of the global warming over the last few decades is human caused, and this global warming will continue in response to accumulating greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Global warming projections under emissions scenario SRES A2.
Source: Wikipedia Commons, IPCC, Robert Rohde
"We're going to take some common sense steps based on free-market principles," said one legislator.  "We don't like the UN or the IPCC, but the reality is that the steps that individuals can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions speak directly to personal liberties and freedoms.  For example, what is more liberating than owning a home that is off the grid and derives its power from alternative sources such as solar."

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