Saturday, April 9, 2011

SOLPEX IOP4 0000 UTC Update

Teams are on-site and have just launched the 0000 UTC soundings.  At this time there's no clear precipitation features connected to the lake.  Scattered reflectivity cells presently over the lake formed upstream and drifted over the lake.

The MesoWest surface plot shows that the trough axis has moved downstream of Promontory Point, but may still be upstream of the Wasatch Range where the ridge top winds are still WSW.

A concern for lake-effect potential is that the temperature on Promontory Point is about 4F warmer than during IOP3.  It is likely that the lake temperature is also cooler than during IOP3.  Our plan is to sit tight and skip the 0300 UTC launch if nothing interesting is going on. 

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