Sunday, April 3, 2011


Its a wrap.  Thanks to everyone for all your help.  This should be a good case to examine the daytime transition.


  1. Another thing that really impressed me with this storm system was the main frontal precipitation band. For those who were not awake to see the rain/snow transition on Saturday night (between about midnight and 1 a.m.), it had probably the largest snowflakes I have ever seen. Some of the aggregates were over 2" and probably close to 3" in diameter. Snowfall rates briefly reached or exceeded 4" per hour, at least in parts of the valley.

  2. I enjoy reading you're archive for snowstorms as Mom was born in the Salt Lake City area in the late 50s and I was born in the 80s in Chico California.

    We live in Oregon in the late 90s because Mom knew some friends from the 70s that she is still in touch with and job changes to make a very long story short.

  3. By the way. The precipitation rates according to SLC airport are 0.25 during the snowfall event!

    I bet the snowflakes were quite large right after the switch over during the 12-3am frames.