Thursday, April 14, 2011

SOLPEX IOP5: Lake-Effect Squalls

We just had a pretty good lake-effect squall move through the U and the eastern Salt Lake Valley.  A lake-effect squall is a burst of moderate or heavy snow accompanied by gusty winds.  It shows up in the loop below as an area of enhanced radar reflectivity with a maximum of over 40 dBZ (yellow) later the loop.  You see these all the time downstream of the Great Lakes, but less frequently in our part of the woods.  Strong flow aloft, which can be tapped into by the convective downdrafts, is perhaps a contributor in this instance.

A nice tight confluence/convergence zone persists over the southeast portion of the Great Salt Lake and northern Salt lake Valley.  This event just won't give up.  Would love to see it bubble up again.

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