Saturday, April 23, 2011

Winter 2010-11: Approaching Epic Status

The skiing isn't great right now, but it ain't bad and more like winter skiing than spring skiing.  Where is the sun?  Who cares.  We've had nearly 6 consecutive months of quality skiing with barely a hint of spring.  Today offered up another day of light snow, no crowds, friendly locals, and good skiing for 23 April.

Winter 2010-11: The gift that just keeps giving.
Erik on Gunsight.
You can't complain about turns like this on 23 April.
April hasn't been as good as last year, but it's been pretty good.  We've had a hell of a year.  I wasn't ready to stamp this year as epic a couple of weeks ago, but continued good skiing is getting us close.  Further, there's more snow coming.

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