Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Cottonwood Seasonal Snow Totals Update

This season may not qualify yet for epic status, but it's close and the powder just keeps coming.

After this winter, my son thinks this a groomer.
Pity him if he ever moves to Colorado.
As of today (Sunday), Alta is reporting a cumulative season snow total of 632".  Further, their snow depth reached 195", just shy of the magic 200" barrier that we may just get before the season is over.

Blow up the image below (click on it) and you can see the snowpack SWE at the Snowbird SNOTEL (mid-mountain) every year back to 1990 when records began.  The dark green line is this ski season and as of today it is just a smidge ahead of the next best year on this date (2005-2006).

I always have a hard time using the term "epic" as I think that should be reserved for a once or twice in a lifetime season and Alta claims 3 seasons since 1980 when more than 700" fell.  Perhaps one of those years is better reserved for the epic tag, but, nevertheless, this year has put a big smile on my face.

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