Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Colleges for Winter Sports Enthusiasts

In the previous post examining the best colleges for winter sports enthusiasts, I opined that "the University of Utah is hands down the best University/College on the planet for winter sports enthusiasts." I also offered up a couple winter-sports worthy colleges/universities that were not included on the US News and World Report list.

I've thought of some additional North American institutions that warrant mention.  They are:

  • University of Vermont.  It's really quite shocking this wasn't on the list as Burlington sits at the best intersection of mountains and snow in the eastern United States.
  • University of British Columbia.  Granted the skiing right in Vancouver isn't great, but you can ski on the edge of town and Whistler/Blackcomb and numerous backcountry adventures are within easy striking distance.  
  • Western Washington University.  Also within striking distance of Whistler/Blackcomb, Mount Baker, and incredible backcountry skiing.
And we shouldn't overlook the rest of the world.  The University of Innsbruck is surrounded by incredible mountains, ski areas, and, like the University of Utah, facilities for other winter sports besides skiing and snowboarding.   In Asia, Hokkaido University in Japan is an obvious choice.

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