Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling Like Spring

It is remarkably warm in the Salt Lake Valley today.  As of noon, we've hit the big 50 here at the University of Utah and several locations in the Salt Lake Valley are reporting temperatures in the low 50s.

This morning's sounding showed a strong inversion and surface-based cold pool persisting in the lowest elevations near the Great Salt Lake, but I think we have finally scrubbed out most (but perhaps not all) of the cold pool.  In particular, temperatures at KSLC airport have climbed to 49F (10C), which gets us close to a total mixout, and Hat Island is even 47F.

This is a welcome change from the dreary gloom of the persistent cold pools that have been in place over the past few weeks.  On the other hand, the rain, wind, and warm temperatures have largely trashed the skiing.

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