Monday, January 17, 2011

Cold Pool Fragments

I may have spoken a little too quickly about the demise of the cold pool.  It appears there still are a few cold-pool fragments persisting around the area.  For example, check out the observations near Lehi, Point of the Mountain, Bluffdale, and Riverton where temperatures range from 39-47F.

Check out the temperature variability at the glider port near point of the mountain, which suggests it sits right near the top of the cold-air pool with the cold air intermittently spilling over the observing site.

Finally, haze and smog within the cold-pool fragment can be seen when looking south from the Avenues.  In particular, check out the visibility obscuration in the saddle of the Traverse Mountains.

Further evidence of the value of MesoWest.

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  1. These cold pool "fragments" that you speak of make it hard for us to define the end of IOPs in some instances if we were to require mix-out everywhere we might be left with a complicated mess and many IOPS merging into one...It is very interesting how Utah Valley moreso than the Great Salt Lake seemed to be hanging onto the CAP today (sheltered in NW flow perhaps?)...