Sunday, November 27, 2016

Things Are Looking Good and I'm Not Going to Jinx the Next Storm

Is there anything better than storm skiing on a day that you can just make out the sun through the clouds?  

From last night through 3 PM this afternoon, the Alta-Collins stake has picked up 13" of snow with 0.78" of water.  If you picked your routes carefully to avoid rocks and stumps, the ski touring today was quite nice.

Forecasts are optimistic with another trough coming in tomorrow morning with deep moisture and instability.

After a lull in the storm tonight, the NAM puts out about 14 inches of snow from 6 am tomorrow morning through 11 AM Tuesday at Alta.  Most of this falls by 11 PM Monday.

That's a hefty amount of snow for that model, which doesn't fully capture the influence of the Wasatch Range.

Since part of the storm extends beyond the forecast range of the NCAR ensemble, here's the NCEP Short Range Ensemble Forecast (SREF) system plumes for Alta.  Most call for things to pick up tomorrow morning with heavy snow through the day tomorrow.
I've been goofing off this weekend and won't be issuing a forecast.  Yup, that's a cop out, but this looks like a good storm so why jinx it?  


  1. Wow, is this storm a bust for the valleys? The NWS dropped the WSW for the valleys.

  2. nah, it was perfect! Get to ski it but don't have to shovel it!

    They did say it was a very small storm for valleys, but huge on the hill.

  3. We got hit hard in Bountiful. Over 9" depth out there and still snowing.