Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lake and Orographic Effects in Wake of Frontal Passage

There's much to love in the radar loop below taken in the wake of this evening's frontal passage.  The box over the Great Salt Lake shows an area of persistent triggering of lake-effect convection, which trains southeastward into the Salt Lake Valley where it transitions to a broader, more stratiform band.  Meanwhile, the orographic effects in the central Wasatch (larger box) are also persistent and pronounced.  Note the persistent echoes over the high terrain with the abrupt rain shadow further to the southeast.  The Salt Lake County/Utah County line strongly marks the transition.

Alta picked up a fast 6" of snow through 8 PM and there's good reason to expect more moderate to heavy snow for the next hour.  After that, everything will depend on the post-frontal and lake-effect crap shoot.

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  1. Very cool! Thanks for posting. What are the leading theories on why a certain point can create the conveyor belt like that- warmer water, a confluence of airflow, something else?

    Hope you have a great holiday and weekend!