Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Cubs Win and the Weather Apocalypse Follows

After 108 years, the Cubs won the World Series last night.  One of my meteorological friends and a lifetime Cubs fan posted up the observations below from the Automated Surface Observing Site in Hell and not surprisingly Hell froze over approximately 4 minutes following the last out.

And, it gets worse than that.  In the wake of the Cubs win, the large-scale pattern over the Northern Hemisphere goes absolutely apocalyptic.  Below is the 138-hour GFS dynamic tropopause (jet-stream level) forecast valid 0600 UTC Wednesday November 9th.  Huge ridge over interior North America.  The pattern is so anomalous that the jet-stream level flow over Utah is actually from the east.  

And, if when Hell freezes over, heaven must suffer.  In the Wasatch Range, the closest observing site that we can find to heaven is Mt. Baldy (11,000 ft) where temperatures have not fallen below 30ºF since midnight.  Further,  the forecast temperature time series for Mt. Baldy from the GFS keeps temperatures above 30ºF for at least the next week.

The GFS does struggle forecasting the local conditions right on Mt. Baldy and I suspect we may see some periods at night where we drop below 30, but really this situation is all screwed up and getting screwier.

If this continues, my appreciation for Cubs fans and Bill Murray will erode rapidly.

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