Monday, November 28, 2016

Good Early Season Skiing Begins

I've been traveling for work and unfortunately missed out on most of the excitement today.  Further evidence that the best way to ensure a big storm in the Wasatch is to send me out of town.

As of 9 PM, it looks like a total at Alta since 0000 MST 27 November (Sunday) of about 40" based on accumulations on the interval board.  Total snow depth broke the 40" barrier this evening, qualifying for the start of "good early season conditions" on the Steenburgh scale.

Thanks to Mother Nature for making Utah snow again!


  1. We love you Jim, but yes, please wash your car & travel some more (on a limited basis, of course). A much needed punch, with possibly more on the way after a break. Thanks, as always for the updates!

  2. Now, let's hope it continues on a regular basis so we get a "Steenburgh Winter". (*grin*)

  3. 12 or so inches past the 2 mile mark in Millcreek Canyon is a good sign too! And the high has been above freezing for most of the week, so great conditions abound. Thanks Jim!