Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Make America Cold Again

The weather is relatively benign across the contiguous today and ideal for voter turnout.  A high-amplitude ridge prevails over the western half of the country, with a weak upper-level trough bringing a few showers and thunderstorms to eastern Texas and the Ohio and Mississippi River Valley region this morning.

I rummaged quickly for an analysis showing the departure from average temperature forecast for today and found the one below from Intellicast.  Cartoony yes, but it gets the point across that most of the contiguous US is experiencing mild or warm weather today.  Snow will not prevent anyone from getting to the polls.  Even in Alaska, the weather doesn't look terrible by their standards (and we needn't mention Hawaii).

Source: Intellicast
I suspect that this is good news for the Democrats, who I think get a bit of a boost with high voter turnout.  Regardless of the results, skiers look forward to making America cold again.  

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  1. Seasonable warm and quite rainy in Juneau, AK. Snow at 2,000ft, but diminishing. Cooling temps in the forecast. Maybe skiing here in a couple weeks?