Monday, November 8, 2010

SOLPEX IOP2 underway

Teams are deploying this afternoon for the north and east side observing sites for SOLPEX.  The first soundings will be launched at 0000 UTC (1700 MST) 9 Nov.

Looks like a slow drive.  We're fortunate the roads are good.  At this time (1900 UTC) Solid radar echo coverage extends across nearly all of northern Utah.  We're hoping the north end team will be able to access Kelton.

I anticipate a fairly complex precipitation pattern this evening as synoptic and orographic forcing linger.  This could make life in Kelton a bit more challenging.  Kudos to Kristen and Carolyn for their efforts!

The U of U 1.3km WRF does collapse down to a more lake-dominated precipitation pattern by 1300 UTC tomorrow morning.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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