Monday, November 8, 2010

SOLPEX IOP2 0430 UTC 9 Nov update

The wind-parallel band continues to intensify (image below for 0429 UTC).  There are now several 40+dBZ cores embedded in it.  It's remained absolutely locked on the Lake Point area.  I noticed the NWS is now highlighting it on their web site.

The corresponding MesoWest analysis shows relatively similar lake-land temperature differences compared to earlier, although a few of the land stations have cooled slightly.  Perhaps the most substantial change is the increased flow on the lakeside mountains, for reasons I do not understnd.  Concurrently, the flow on the east side as weakened.  The HAT-PRP temperature difference is now 8C, consistent with steepening lapse rates observed in the east-side soundings.  

We're in business!  Our teams will be taking soundings while you sleep.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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