Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Proposed blog changes

It's pretty clear that the restricted access of this site is a pain for a number of students.  Although I had some concerns that public access might restrict our ability to freelance, I'm not sure that really is the case.  Thus, I'm considering making it open access.  Please add a comment here and let me know your thoughts.


  1. Let em' rip. Write stuff that you'll regret later.

    I cant really envision a problem. Stick to science & weather nut topics and dont get trolled outside of those topics.

  2. I have friends who aren't students who would likely learn quite a bit... just don't make the blog show up in a google search (I think that's an option?), and then people will have to be directed to the site.

  3. I'm with Christy, I have friends who would like to see this too, and my dad especially would like it. Maybe there's a way you can review comments before they get posted too so no one gets off topic.