Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh what a night

It was a remarkable night last night with "flat line" temperature conditions persisting at KSLC all night long.  Check out the meteogram, which shows temperatures nearly dropped only a few degrees in the late afternoon and evening and then remained remarkably steady all night long with a lowest 5-min observation of 54 F.

The combination of a thick cirrostratus deck combined with strong winds (sustained at > 15 mph for nearly the entire night) appears to have prevented the formation of any significant surface-based cold pool.  Even still, you don't see too many nights where there isn't a brief lull in the winds to enable a quick trop in temperature of a few degrees. 


  1. There were much lower wind speeds in Utah County last night and early this morning. Many stations there got down to around 40F, so I would say that the wind is playing a much larger role than the cirrostratus deck.

  2. Do I win the broken rain gauge for biggest low temp bust of the year?

  3. We've all been there before. An expert is someone who has already made all the mistakes. Besides, I doubt any of us would have done any better.