Monday, November 8, 2010

SOLPEX IOP2 0300 UTC 9 Nov update

The 0300 UTC soundings are up.  Radar imagery has shown a weak wind-parallel band over the SW corner of the lake for about an hour.

Mesowest shows this band is roughly collocated along a possible convergence zone between northerly flow over the lake (e.g., HAT, GNI) and westerly flow over the Lakeside Mountains and near the north end of the Stansbury Mountains, which is somewhat similar to the Steenburgh and Onton (2001) and Onton and Steenburgh (2001) event.

HAT is the warmest MesoWest site at 5C.  Lowland temperatures around the lake are about 1-3C.  Continue to keep your fingers crossed.

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