Monday, November 8, 2010

SOLPEX IOP2 Soundings - 0000 and 0300 UTC

Christy has sent in the 0000 UTC and 0300 UTC soundings from the east side site.  Lapse rates below 700 mb definitely steepened during the 3 hour period.  A weak stable layer persists at 700 mb and this is probably keeping somewhat of a lid on the lake band.  On the otherhand, perhaps shallow is good?

East Side 0000 UTC 9 Nov 2010
East Side 0300 UTC 9 Nov 2010
Winds have veered a bit to more NW above 700 mb.  I'm not sure I'll be up for the 0600 UTC sounding, but will post it up if the adrenalin keeps me going.  Wish I didn't need to give a talk in Park City tomorrow night.

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