Friday, October 29, 2010

Welcome to Purgatory

For winter sports enthusiasts, we have officially entered the season of Purgatory, which is the boundary between Heaven (ski season) and Hell (fall).

It has snowed just enough to allow for turns on a limited amount of terrain.  We'll have a bit more snow this weekend, and then it appears we are going to regress back not just to fall, but perhaps back to September.  The GFS builds a monster ridge next week with 700-mb temperatures reaching over 8C!

This will likely lead to a near-total loss of the snowpack on southern aspects and major losses on east and west aspects.  Northerly aspects will likely survive with more limited losses.  The warmth will also make snowmaking difficult.  Trevor's adjusted GFS output from this morning's GFS shows a temperature on Mt. Baldy of 51F by 5PM Tuesday.

On the otherhand, this will be a good dry run for PCAPS.

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