Monday, October 25, 2010

SOLPEX IOP1 underway

Teams are presently en route to the north and east side observing sites.  As promised by the models for several days, we had an exciting fropa and at 1500 UTC we are in large-scale, post-frontal, northwesterly flow.

KMTX shows one fairly strong wind-parallel snowband near and downstream of Ben Lomond peak, although the lake likely plays little role in its initiation.  

Our first soundings will be launched at around 1800 UTC (noon MDT).  The 12Z NAM time-height for KSLC shows moist, unstable WNW flow persisting for most of the overnight period. 

The 12Z NAM produces some lake-effect tonight, but is a bit more excited about Tuesday night when we'll have down time.  Let's hope mother nature opts to bring the goods early.

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