Friday, October 8, 2010

DLE makes an appearance

It appears in the loop below that lake-effect precipitation initiated this morning over and downstream of the GSL.

Note the quasi-wind-parallel bands near Ogden and environs, consistent with the primarily westerly flow found at and above 800 mb in the 12Z KSLC sounding.  The 12Z MesoWest analysis below shows light SE flow in the Ogden area with 47-50F temperatures, in contrast to the 50-52F with WSW flow found at Hat and Gunnison "Islands", which presently lie just upstream of the west shore of the lake.  

At issue is what role the apparent east-shore cold pool and SE flow plays in the initiation of the bands.  Is there an area of convergence providing the necessary lift for convective initiation, or are the boundary layer circulations induced by heat and moisture fluxes over the lake sufficient?  Other ideas?

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