Saturday, October 23, 2010

NAM still going for it Mon-Tue

Let the drooling continue...


  1. two surprises so far for this trough. The first is the current temperatures. The National Weather service had SLC in the lower to mid 60s today, but so far the high for the day is 53. This is probably due to the second surprise, which is that it has been raining all day without a break (Jim I believe just two weeks ago you told me SLC never had a "rainy day"). Radar echoes show persistent trailing stratiform rain in the valley. The low max is a bit odd even with the rain because southern Utah also has current readings in the 50s. I am curious to see what the afternoon sounding looks like

  2. Yup, all generalizations are wrong. This is a great rainy day. I'm about to go out for a run in it just to get the full experience.

    The RUC2 this morning had us at about 2C at 700 hPa. With well mixed conditions, we've been in the 60s. Instead, we have an impressively deep layer of moisture and warm advection and persistent rain all day. Nearly every tilt of the radar had returns this morning...sort of like a PacNW radar volume.

    I do think that the precip and related diabatic cooling is important. It's in the low 50s along the Wasatch Front, but there are some 60s out in Dugway, including two 65s out on the west side of the range. A radar loop shows the back edge of the precip has been sitting between us and them for much of the day.

  3. Oh...I forgot to mention that I've been wondering why we're not having the usual nice, dry southern Utah CBL moving north with the southerly flow. Perhaps the precursor trough that rumbled through there with the Rex Block established a moister land-surface and airmass than usual.