Sunday, December 22, 2013

An Early Christmas Present

On Friday I received four new snow measurement tubes from SnowMetrics, which was a nice early Christmas present thanks to generous support provided by many individuals to our Mountain Meteorology Fund.

We've been getting by with just a couple of these, but have needed more for some time.  In particular, I will be putting the new measurement tubes to good use in upstate NY in January when I will be visiting some of the local schools.  They will allow us to let the kiddies go out and make some of their own snow and snow density measurements, which is far better than just having them stand around and watch one of us do it.  In the long run, it will allow us to expand our snow sampling efforts during field programs.

SnowMetrics makes all sorts of great tools for snow and avalanche geeks and hobbyists.  If you order today, they claim they will have them in the mail tomorrow morning.  I'm not sure that guarantees a delivery by Christmas, but your special someone is not going to complain about having to wait a day or two for these snow study tools.  Plus, there will be plenty of time to put them to good use during and after the holiday period as we have a really wild snowpack in the Wasatch that is not going to heal up anytime soon.


  1. Which schools are you visiting? I teach earth science in Whitesboro if you need a school to visit!

    1. Wish we could, but we have a full plate. Thanks for reading the blog. More coverage in your area in January.

    2. No problem, if you ever get to Snow Ridge again, let me know. I am on Ski Patrol there and could show you some of the "outback" ravines and gullies we hit when the powder is deep!