Friday, December 6, 2013

Everybody Gets Some

Good news for Utah to our field study in upstate NY.  Saturday and Saturday night look to be stormy in both locations.  There's another blast of cold and snow for the Wasatch Front

and a round of what is expected to be a weak lake-effect event east and southeast of Lake Ontario.

We're putting the finishing touches on our equipment and sampling strategies here in NY today, so my apologies for not being attentive to Utah.  Fall over to the great web site run by University of Utah atmospheric sciences students,, if you are looking for a forecast for the Wasatch Mountains.  The National Weather Service Cottonwood Canyons forecast is also valuable for short-range forecasts for the Cottonwoods.

Here in NY, we're hoping to use tomorrow to shake down our observing strategies and test our equipment.  Field programs involving research aircraft, three mobile Doppler radars, three mobile sounding teams, and other portable instruments require quite a bit of planning and cat herding.  Further, you never really know how well things will work until you are in the field.  The first "IOP" (Intensive Observing Period) is often a good practice session, and in this case we are hoping it will prepare us for the bigger event forecast for the middle of next week.  In addition, we'd like a few more inches of snow as there was a major thaw event on Thursday and we need a bit more base to ski!


  1. Jim, When you are done in NY you should contribute to which has some bad information in it.

  2. Not here in the Pacific Northwest. This has been a horridness beginning to the ski season in a few particular areas. Just sick to my stomach so I might book a ticket to SLC. Cheers to everyone else.