Monday, December 9, 2013

Freezing Drizzle

One of the challenging aspects of being a snow-lover in the eastern United States is that even in areas that get a decent amount of snow, such as the Tug Hill Plateau, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter conspire to do terrible things to the snowpack.

For example, late last night and early this morning we suffered through a freezing drizzle and rain event on the Tug Hill Plateau.  This was a pretty minor event by east coast standards, but enough to coat the cars, that wonderful low-density snow that fell over the weekend, and all of our instruments.

So, we have some work to do to break this ice off of everything.  We have until tomorrow, when it looks like we're going to get creamed by a big lake-effect event that could go from tomorrow into Thursday night.  This could be the event of our field program.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

1 comment:

  1. Mild by East coast standards indeed, LOL. I was in SLC last winter when a once-every-10-years "ice storm" hit that was far milder than what you've got up there now. Everybody was flipping out and scared to leave their house. ZERO traffic on the way up to LCC and fresh tracks. We were very amused considering the hammering that the Wasatch gets with snow. I bet the locals up there in NY are completely unfazed by it.