Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Aftermath

After 10 hours of sack time last night, I awoke to a beautiful scene here in North Redfield, which is the epitome of a winter wonderland today.  A few photos of the sunrise and dig out.

I've finally had a chance to comb through our observations from the storm and the numbers are impressive.  Here's a summary based on six hourly snow observations on two snowboards that we measured snow on every six hours (board 1 first, board 2 in parentheses)

Total Snowfall from 7 am 10 Dec – 7 am 12 Dec: 47 (45) inches.
Snowfall during first 24-hour period ending 7 am 11 Dec: 25 (24) inches
Largest accumulation during any 24-hour period: 30 (28) inches [7 pm 10 Dec - 7 pm 11 Dec]
Largest accumulation during any 6-hour period: 14 inches (13 inches) [1-7 pm 11 Dec]

[Correction 12/17/2013: Going through my notes for this event, I realized I made a mistake adding up the 24 hour snowfall.  From 7PM 10 Dec - 7 PM 11 Dec the snowfall was 41 inches.  Sweet!].

Thus, we fell just short of the coveted 50 inch barrier, but we did get to 1.2 meters on one board which ain't to shabby.  To paraphrase John "Hannibal" Smith of the A-Team, "I love it when a band comes together." 

We are going out into the field again later this afternoon and will be working late into the evening.  Much work to do between now and then. 


  1. 13-14 inches in 6 hours, wow!

  2. As a local, I love how you call that a "storm". For us it is just another weekend. I reserve the term "storm" for a something that is much more widespread than typical lake effect. Welcome to the Tug Hill Plateau! =)

  3. 13-14" In 6 hrs is nothing, Feb 2011 We had 25" in 5 hrs. Back in feb 07 I had cleaned off my car and in 40 mins I had 6 more inches on the car. I remember driving on 81 during that feb 07 storm. I was driving no more than 15mph and I could not see past the front of my car.