Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Greetings from the Tug Hill Plateau

I was on the road yesterday and missed out on all the exciting action in both the Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Range where reports suggest considerably improved conditions thanks to the dumpage.  It also appears to be quite cold, with -8ºF at the Alta-Collins observing site.  BRRRRR.  I suspect nobody is complaining given that we finally got some freshies.

My travel yesterday brought me to the Tug Hill Plateau where we are executing a lake-effect field program during December and January.  We have a great place here, in an area that averages about 250 inches of snow per winter.  I was able to get a bit of skinny skiing in this morning on some trails groomed by an extremely gracious family that has been assisting us in our efforts.

We're setting up equipment and getting ready today.  Officially, the field program starts tomorrow, but it looks like we may need to wait a day or two for a minor lake-effect event on Saturday.  I'll post some updates from time to time and hopefully have a few minutes to keep an eye on the weather in Utah too.

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