Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung, At Least for Today

Spring fever is certainly spreading across the Wasatch Front today.  Temperatures at 3:45 this afternoon are solidly in the 60s across much of the Salt Lake Valley, including 64 at the Salt Lake Airport, 63 at the University of Utah, and 66 in Midvale.  In the mountains, Alta is 41 and Park City 50.

MesoWest Surface Plot for 22:46 UTC/3:46 PM MST

I'm sitting here in my office now in a pair of shorts and feeling quite comfortable, even if I have shockingly white pasty white legs from the winter.

As mentioned in the previous post, we are in a very progressive pattern, so today brings only a short-lived venture into the 60's.  The computer models bring a cold front through tonight, so tomorrow morning we'll be in the cooler post-frontal airmass.

The front is, however, pretty wimpy.  Although tomorrow won't bring shorts weather, it should still be in the mid 50s, which is slightly above average.  

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