Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Big 200 Is in Sight

With 6 inches yesterday and another 5 inches falling overnight, the snow depth at the Alta-Collins observing site now stands at 165".  Looking at the GFS forecast for the next week, it certainly appears that we are going to make a run at the big 200.  The pattern looks quite active through the weekend, with three more major trough passages coming in the next seven days.

Further, for the date, the current snowpack SWE for Snowbird is higher than observed in any water year since 1990 when the online record begins.

We still have a ways to go to match the 75" maximum SWE observed in 2005, when the snow just kept flying until mid May, but the next week is going to help.


  1. 75" is an incredible number for where we are geographically. Really incredible. PNW-like.

  2. Alta's snowfall that season, through 4/30, was 697.5 inches. This year we are at 514.5" as of this morning. Just imagine what a year this will be if we can get almost 200" more!