Monday, March 7, 2011

CS Storm is Coming

It is now March 7, the end of ski season is in sight, and it is essential that powderhounds take advantage of every dendrite possible.

As a result, tonight I predict a CS (Call in Sick) storm for the Cottonwoods.  The ideal ingredients are coming into place:

1. The radar is starting to fill in nicely over northern Utah.

2. There are snowshowers upstream over Nevada and southern Idaho, including a nice band over the Ruby Mountains to suggest good potential for orographic precipitation enhancement.

3. The models are positively smitten with this storm, especially once the trough moves through and we get into northwesterly flow for the Cottonwoods.

4. Snow density will decrease with time during the storm, which is just what you want for great bottomless powder.  In particular, the Alcott snow density algorithm shows the snow density (i.e., water content) decreasing from about 10% this afternoon to 4-5% tomorrow morning.

5. The timing is perfect.  If you are a lift-served skier, most of the snow will fall at the end of the day today, when skier traffic is light, and overnight.

Oh, I get goosebumps thinking about it.

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