Saturday, March 5, 2011

Does ET exist?

Journal of Cosmology
Something totally different today.  If life were discovered elsewhere in the Universe, it would totally change our view of our planet and how special life is on it.

Andrew Revkin has a fascinating post at dotEarth that discusses a recent paper by Richard Hoover, a NASA astrobiologist, that has potentially important implications for the search for extraterrestrial life.  Have a looksee at Andrew's blog post and the original article.

But you probably want to know about skiing.  Tuesday.  That's the day.  Storms are coming, starting tomorrow.

Update, 8 March: This story has gone viral on the Internet, with NASA saying it cannot support the paper's findings without a peer review.  Is this akin to Cold Fusion, Volume II?  Cold fusion gave the University of Utah a black eye, but on the positive side, it showed that science is self correcting and that scientific findings can and will be carefully evaluated before being generally accepted.  The findings noted above will be vetted out and time will tell whether or not they pass muster.

What we do know is that Tuesday ROCKED for skiing.  Maybe I'll stick with weather and climate from now on!

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