Monday, March 7, 2011

Storm Update

At 5 PM MST, a strong surface boundary (I hesitate to call it a front) is currently racing across northern Utah and has its sights set on the Wasatch Front.  The boundary can be seen as an area of enhanced radar reflectivity in the loop below that reaches Promontory Point at the end of the loop.

Along I-80, at milepost 78, the temperature dropped and the wind increased abruptly with the passage of the surface boundary.

When this boundary moves into the Salt Lake Valley, the intensity of the storm should increase dramatically.

Those with an eye for detail can click on the radar loop above and look for some nice waves along the boundary, especially just west of Promontory Point.

Update 7:25 PM MST
Well, the surface boundary and snowband weakened rapidly as they approached the Wasatch Front, so we didn't get the anticipated blast from it.  Nevertheless, the dumpage continues as the large-scale flow aloft shifts to northwesterly.  

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