Friday, December 13, 2019

Let's Do It Again!

It's a solid start to the ski season in the Wasatch Range.  The Snowbird SNOTEL is at 11.8 inches of water equivalent, above the 10 inch threshold for the start of what I'll call solidly good early season conditions.  That's also 146% of median and 131% of average.  Ski touring conditions today were quite good for mid December, although avy conditions kept us confined to lower angle slopes.

The forecast for tonight and tomorrow suggests we have another major storm coming in.  The  SHREF forecast below shows a mean of nearly an inch of water and 15 inches of snow through 0000 UTC 15 December (5 PM Saturday). 

That's the good news.  The bad news is this looks like a setup for messy travel up the canyons.  Hopefully people have upgraded their tires, UTA has better trained their drivers, and desires for carpooling are higher. 

Stay safe and enjoy.  I'll be working to make up for my ski time today.

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