Sunday, December 15, 2019

Bus and Ski Report

Skiing conditions are excellent in the Wasatch right now, especially for mid December.  I've probably said that a few times in the past week or two, but one shouldn't take these things for granted.

Today we elected to take the bus.  Kudos to everyone packed liked sardines for an hours drive up the canyon.  It's great that UTA increased service this year, but we need even more during peak periods.  Further, trips like this are a reminder why more people don't voluntarily opt for the bus.  Sadly, real solutions, if they exist, are still years or decades away. 

Thankfully, ski conditions were excellent.  No photos from our descents, so the skin track is the best I can do. 

Source: Erik Steenburgh
I got a pit in my stomach around 1:30 PM or so when we noticed a heli hanging over the Park City ridgeline.  Sadly, a skier was killed in an avalanche in Dutch Draw.   I thank the patrollers and responders for their efforts.  With persistent deep instability, this is a season that will demand patience.  Remember that sidecountry and slackcountry are still backcountry.  We have a long season ahead and the skiing is really outstanding right now even on low-angle terrain. 

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