Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Cottonwoods Sure Clean Up Good

Snow returns!
The past week was largely an unmitigated winter disaster.  High temperatures pushing 50 at 8500 feet.  Rain to 9000 feet.  By all rights, the skiing should be terrible.

Fortunately, the Cottonwoods sure clean up good.  The storm that developed yesterday afternoon and extended through the night was just what the doctor ordered, with some sticky, high-density snow to start and a wonderful right-side up snowfall.  Turns today at upper elevations weren't half bad and in some areas were downright fun.  What a recovery.

Yesterday was also the last day of Steenburgh winter.  Obviously, things don't change overnight, but the days are starting to get longer and the sun angle is increasing.  It didn't take long today for the snow to get wet and/or stiff on the southern half of the compass.  The race is on.  BTW, the next chance for snow is late in the next work week, so don't let this snow go to waste.

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