Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Cottonwoods Sure Clean Up Good, Part II

You know those days when it feels great just to be alive?

Today was better.

Following up on yesterday's post about how the Cottonwoods sure clean up good, today was bluebird and the snow was fun, although powerful sluffs kept us off steep terrain.

Bottom of the first run.

Big views in all directions.


Sloughed out Hogum Ridge.

So much terrain, so little time...

SR-210 below.

Runnels below Fridays snowline.  February in the Wasatch right?  Let's hope that doesn't happen again until April. 

Surface hoar.  Vapor deposition in action after just one clear night.

Sweet dreams tonight for sure.


  1. Off topic, but crazy weather north of here. Last Wednesday Teton village lost power when 17 transmission towers blew down & the Jackson Hole ski area didn't reopen till today. Reports were of 100 mph hourly wind averages with gusts to over 180 mph. Can you please say more about this unusual storm? Was it perhaps a derecho?

    1. Ask and you shall receive (see today's post). Thanks for suggesting it. Analyzing the case will make an excellent project for my class this semester.