Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Evening Update

Precipitation rates have finally picked up at Alta.  The Alta-Collins site picked up .14" from 2-5 PM with .10" falling from 4-5.  This is a far cry from the .50" forecast by the NAM, but it's a start.  From what I've seen thusfar today, I think the models have overdone the SWE for this event as one our readers, David, suggested.  We'll see how things verify in the morning as even if the models went a bit too berserk, we should see mountain snows for much of the night as there's a fairly solid precipitation shield upstream.  The mountains northeast of Boise must be getting hammered.

The cold air also mixed out enough around campus for the snow to turn over to rain.  Pity!  Snow continues, however, in the northern Wasatch Front.


Ah, I found the snow.  Ben Lomond Peak Snotel has observed .80" of SWE.  You can always count on Ben Lomond to come through.

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