Monday, January 16, 2012

Mr. Blutarski Moves In

Rarefied air has moved in and the Mr. Blutarski isotherm (i.e., 0.0ºF air) is hovering somewhere near 10,500 feet, as indicated by observations at the top of the Collins chair at Alta.


  1. Could you elaborate on potential Avi dangers over the next few days. My optimistic roommates believe the current snowpack of 35 inches will be strong and supportive of the up to 4 feet of heavy snow we are getting as well as the current top layer of low density snow.

    I am worried about large slides with massive crowns to the ground and I know the new snow will put many people in the backcountry. Personally, even 4 feet will still be dangerous in some areas where exposed rock is now barely covered...bring on the storms!

  2. For backcountry avalanche information see