Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Warm Start to a Good Storm

The wet, warm, and windy pattern continues this morning, but change is coming.  The radar is painted in beautifully with full coverage of precipitation across northern Utah.

Source: NCAR/RAL
Even Wendover is getting rain.  Temperatures are balmy.  It was 30ºF at Alta-Collins at 7am, but fortunately cooled off a smidge to 27ºF by 8 am.

At 8am, the base of Alta was 34ºF.  A hard-shell day for sure.  Down a bit lower, a mix is falling on the hungover Sundance types in Park City where the roads have a veneer of slush on them.  

As discussed on Thursday, temperatures will fall today and we should see a transition in the water content of the snow to give us a nice right-side-up snowfall and some great skiing tomorrow.   Pity that I'm home with the virus from hell.  Get a core shot for me.  There will be plenty to be had.  

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