Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MODIS Images

As pointed out by one of our readers, a couple of dust sources can be seen in the latest MODIS overpass.  First, the dust near Wendover originates along the Utah-Nevada border perhaps a few miles south of Wendover.

One can also see a source north of Delta between the Fumarole Butte and Little Sahara. Look for the plume where it crosses the Sheeprock Mountains.  

There appears to be little dust emission over the Sevier Lake Bed and environs.  I also can't see evidence of dust from the Milford area.  This is a nice "null case" for dust emission and transport as it contrasts with windstorms last Spring that produced large dust plumes from the Sevier Lake and Milford Flats area.

With regards to the dust in Salt Lake, the optical depth may be too small to see in these visible images.  It's difficult to say for sure, but careful inspection suggests there may be a plume originating near Point of the Mountain (gravel quarry?) that extends northward up the I-15 corridor to roughly Woods Cross.

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