Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crazy Cold

I noticed on Bob Maddox's Madweather Blog that it is "Crazy Cold" in the desert southwest.

Surface analysis for 1400 UTC 2 Feb
Check out those temps in New Mexico and Texas.  Lots of single digits, including many in negative territory. In Airzona, how about 28F in Tucson!

The 28F in Tucson is, however, well above the coldest temperature observed there (17F on 7 Feb 1899).  If you are wondering how cold it can get in Arizona, click here.

Correction @ 3:40PM

The 17F is the lowest temperature observed in Tucson in February.  The all-time record low is an incredible 6F, observed on Jan 7, 1913.  They just don't make Arctic air like they used to.

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