Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crazy Cold, Part II

Check out these minimum temperatures in Colorado and Wyoming.

Text indicates minimum temperature (F) since midnight.
The Hogs Park, WY meteogram (see the -52F just north of the CO-WY border above for location).

And, how about a nice morning for skiing at Steamboat Springs.  Some missing data here, so goodness knows what the actual minimum was.

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  1. These are very impressive minimums. Thanks for posting.

    I dont have many claims to fame, but I remember skiing at Sugarloaf when it was -30F. Granted this was a rad cooling event so I dont know what the temp was up higher. I suspect it was still cold though.

    Minimum temperature forecasting and recording was a childhood delight of mine. I'll never cease to be amazed at the microclimates and the many factors that can each control minimum temperature. One that always got me was even the hint of some high cirrus usually slowed the cooling and ruined a perfectly good rad cooling night. Unfortunately, KSLC and the SLV is not a great place for good rad cooling events. I wonder though, what the min was at the bottom of Sugarhouse Park?