Monday, February 14, 2011

An Exciting Week on Tap

Major changes are in store this week as a much anticipated major pattern shift occurs.  I'll give some quick highlights here and then we'll take a look at the details as each day unfolds.

Monday: Another unseasonably warm day.  Enjoy!

Tuesday: I'm not sure what the record high temperature is for Feb 15, but the records at KSLC for the 13th and 14th are 61F and 58F respectively.  It looks like we will take a run at record setting territory as we have a deep upper-level trough approaching from the west, leading to strong southwesterly flow and 700-mb temperatures climbing to 0C by the afternoon.  How high can we go?

Wednesday: An intense Intermountain cold front is forecast to develop over Nevada, with very strong southwesterly flow over Utah.  Will this be a blowing dust event as we have seen during similar spring events the past couple of years?  The forecast meteorology looks right for it, but is are the dust emission sources to our southwest ready to go this early in the year?  

Thursday: Spring is over, winter is back.  Don't put your boots and coats away yet.  You'll need them.

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