Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowpack looking great

Thanks to the latest ongoing storm cycle, all reporting SNOTEL stations in the Wasatch, Oquirrh, and Stansbury Mountains are reporting above average snowpack snow-water equivalent (SWE).

The big winner in terms of total SWE is Snowbird, with a whopping 24.5 inches, or 222.7% of average.  Throughout northern Utah, the snowpack above about 7500 feet is incredibly healthy, even in areas that are not especially snowy.  For example, the Mining Fork SNOTEL in the Stansbury Mountains has a snowpack SWE of 12 inches, or 267% of average.   This represents 58% of its average maximum SWE and the average snow water equivalent in mid February.

The Mill-D North SNOTEL continues to lag behind other sites in Utah and is "only" at 117% of average.  Thus, relative to average, the terrain between Big Cottonwood and Mill Creek Canyons may be one of the "thinner" snowpack areas.  Still, 10 inches of SWE is quite nice for December.

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