Sunday, October 14, 2018

First Snow Followed by the Coldest Day in Months

Last night we received the first snow of the season in the upper Avenues, with a coating of white on colder surfaces.

Radar imagery showed a band of precipitation passing through the area early this morning, which led to the snow.  That band was drifting southward and brought a little snow to the central Wasatch, although accumulations were likely less than in inch (the Alta-Collins data feed to Mesowest is currently down, so this is guesswork based on cameras). 

Today will probably be the coldest day of the season so far and the coldest day we have seen around here in months.  If my quick look at the records is correct, the last day we had here with a high below 50ºF was April 17 when it reached 49˚F.  If you continue to go back in time, the next day below 50ºF was March 26 (48˚F), which was preceded on March 25 by a high of 44˚F.  The forecast high for today from the National Weather Service is 47˚F.  It might be a good day to switch from flip flops to closed-toe shoes.


  1. Morning Jim - we got a solid 3-4 inches up here at the Alta Lodge. Should be excellent skiing today with a few inches of fresh on top of the skier compacted base on Mambo/Meadow/Corkscrew. Come on up!

  2. As the Alta Lodge indicated, skiing yesterday (Sunday) was not bad, excellent might be stretching it a bit, but they are in the business of getting people to think happy thoughts. I will say it was the best October 14 skiing I can remember. Did tangentially participate in a mountain rescue where someone (male, of course) had successfully descended Main Chute only to let it roll into a rock on the apron. Alta Patrol was on the scene in about an hour executing a highly successful toboggan ride of the injured person to awaiting ambulance at Goldminers. From what I could tell at the time and on social media the person should be able to ski later this season. If Alta Patrol were not there it would have been a bad deal as the person was basically immobile, in bad pain, going hypothermic and perhaps shocky. Early season slow conservative gray beard old man stem christi has always been my approach to October ski treachery.

    Looking forward, is it your sense we are high and dry as far as the eye can see and everything but the high north will melt in the next couple of weeks?

    1. I won't speculate on the week after next, but other than some brief shower threats here and there, the next week looks dry.

  3. I will don socks and sandals, thank you very much! It will take either colder weather or deeper snow to close my sandals.