Thursday, March 23, 2017

One of the Wettest Calendar Days Ever in Salt Lake City

Editors note: Post has been updated to note that the records are for Salt Lake City, specifically the airport and prior to that downtown.

Editors note 2: ARGH!  I can't do math either, and daily records are probably based on MST rather than MDT.  NWS is reporting 1.59" so far, so scratch the 1.70" noted in the post below (we may get there eventually) and use 1.59", putting us at #13.  Yes, still very wet!  Please forgive me...

If my math is correct, we have now had 1.70" of precipitation (water equivalent) at the Salt Lake City airport from Midnight to Noon.

That would rank as the wettest calendar day ever in March and the 11th wettest calendar day ever in the Salt Lake City area based on online records at the NOAA Regional Climate Centers.  Prior to today, here's the rankings.

Source: NOAA Regional Climate Centers
I think it is pretty likely that we will move into the top 10, but suspect that top 5 is out of reach.  Still, this has been an extremely wet calendar day.


  1. Looks like top 5 is going to happen...pretty remarkable for this time of year...too bad it isn't translating to totals at Alta with the northerly flow.

    1. Yeah, I was skeptical at noon, but the band has been remarkably resistant to movement. Very impressive event.