Saturday, March 11, 2017

I See Your 60s and Raise You To the 70s

Saturday, March 11.  The fourth day in a row and 6th day this month with a high temperature in the 60s.  Such a shame.

A weak short-wave trough passage will keep drop temperatures a bit tomorrow, but after that there's a gradual warming trend and we will likely take a run at the big 70 on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It's not in the bag, but it looks like we have a shot.  Here's the latest NWS Forecast for KSLC, with max temps of 71ºF Tuesday and Wednesday.

Neither 71 would represent a record, but where has the snow miser gone?


  1. Great blog here. As a skier from the northeast (NY State) I'm excited to say I'll be staying in Park City from March 25 to 28th.

    Your post about spring break bummed me out, but the photo w a 100 inch base the other day was ultra encouraging.

    Will there still be fun terrain in Utah in late March or should I try to audible to Tahoe...Or maybe stay home as NY is getting two feet (very rare!) Tonight.

    1. Staying in NY would be foolish. I say that as a former resident of the southern Adirondacks.

      It's impossible to say what the weather will be like in Utah the last week of March. It's simply too far out. We still sit well above average snowpack *at upper elevations*. Places like Alta and Snowbird are as good a bet as anywhere. PCMR upper mountain shouldn't be a problem. Perhaps the lower mountain will be getting thin if the warmth continues, but if you ski in NY, you are used to that...