Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Intermountain Spring

I'm always impressed with the remarkable weather variability that characterizes Spring in the Intermountain West.  It can be shorts weather one day, followed by a great powder day the next.  Yesterday was the "hardest" day of work I've had all year and today might be #2 knowing that I'm in the office when there's outstanding powder to be had in the mountains.

Snow is falling this morning on the University of Utah campus.  I don't think we're going to see much more than some spotty coating on the grass, but it's enough to make it look and feel like old man winter has returned.  

Radar shows some scattered showers, but some intermittently strong cells.  I suspect that if you are fortunate enough to experience one of those, the snowfall or graupel rates are probably pretty impressive.  

The showery conditions will continue today - perhaps with some thunder too.  Yup, it's a great day to be a meteorologist, although it would be better if I was skiing.

In other news, my book Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth is now available for prepurchase on (click here).  It won't be out until October 15th, but I was pretty excited to see that it already sits at #1 amongst the skiing books on Amazon.  Goodness knows how many books my mom bought to make that happen (ha ha), but it's still great to see.  



  1. Dr Jim, Pulled the trigger on the new book. Weather fascinates me, mountain weather even more.

  2. mine is on order as well